JavaScript vs EcmaScript (Introduction to JavaScript)

JavaScript vs EcmaScriptIn 1995 there was a very popular web browser called Netscape Navigator of that time. They reliased that they should have a programming language which can help to make websites interactive to the user. Brendan Eich was working for Netscape Navigator that time and they build JavaScript in just 10 days and named it Mocha after some time he decided to change the name from Mocha to LiveScript but this language was not getting popular as they had expected that time, so he again decided to change the name, at that time Java language was so popular. So he decided to change the name from LiveScript to JavaScript.

JavaScript vs EcmaScript

But Java and JavaScript but are completely different languages there is no relation between them. ECMA(European Computer Manufacturers Association) is an organization which standardized the concepts that every browser should implement in ordered to create programming language as JavaScript. There are certain versions of EcmaScript as below:-

  • ES1: 1997
  • ES5: 2009 (lots of new features)
  • ES6: 2015 (Biggest update in the history of JS)

JavaScript is a backward compatible scripting language, that means the features of old version JS can be used in present. But JavaScript is not forward compatible, that means user will not be able to get new features of JavaScript if he is using some old browsers.


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